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The annual poinsettia fundraiser is our LARGEST and LONGEST RUNNING fundraiser and has come to be eagerly anticipated by our repeat customers because our plants are lush, long-lasting and exceptionally beautiful.   We have worked with the same local family-run nursery for more than a decade and their gorgeous plants consistently exceed our expectations.  All plants are wrapped in decorative foil and are ready for display.

Perfect for: Office Gifts, Churches, Business Holiday decorations, and much much more!

Plants are sold in 3 sizes:

  • 6 inch – 1 plant/3-6 blooms – GREAT GIFTS
  • 8 inch – 2-3 plants/10-15 blooms – Dining Table size
  • 10 inch – 4-5 plants/15-25 blooms – Foyer or Porch size

Plants are available in Red, White, and Marble.

Information on our 2017 poinsettia fundraising campaign will be posted in the fall.